How do I use Linters?


I have seen Linters referenced, and they look very interesting.
I have tried to set them up, however could not get them working (or maybe they were and I didn’t know how to use them).

Are there any tutorials, simple intro setups to get it working? (say, for a javascript or coffeescript file type)

Any help much appreciated.

Edit: To clarify, “not working” meant I didn’t get an error, but noticed no changes or extra functionality.


Have you taken a look at the README for the projects? Which linters have you tried? What OS are you on?


Yeah sorry I wasn’t specific enough. I did read the linters readmes but I found there was a lot of assumed knowledge about how they work.

To start with I tried jscs to try JavaScript.

Windows 8.1 and version 140.

I eventually got it working by changing the preset to google. The default jquery preset didn’t appear to work. When I typed jquery it manually it also worked ok, it must have been the default value which didn’t work.