How do I update the vendor folder in Electron's source tree


How is the vendor folder updated in the electron source tree? When I view it from Github it has symbolic links to specific commits for various packages. In my clone of Electron I have the actual source trees for the vendor packages.

Let’s hypothetically say that I want to patch iojs to the latest version. I am unclear how to commit these sorts of patches since the vendor folder in Github only knows about a symbolic links to a repository commit.

I thought there would be some sort of configuration for this in Electron’s source tree but have not yet been able to locate something along those lines.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


These are git submodules - that should get you on the right track for googling documentation (or cf. git help submodule. ) Basically you’d need to get your patches in the repos the submodules point to, and then update the submodules in electron accordingly.