How do I turn off soft wrap?


how do i fix this?

i want this text on one line

How to I gets lines to wrap to the width of the window?

It is on one line. But if you want it to not wrap, you can:

  1. Open Settings View using Cmd+, on macOS or Ctrl+, on other platforms
  2. Click the Editor tab on the left
  3. Uncheck “Soft Wrap”


not working.


That setting only affects new editors. You can use my soft-wrap-indicator package to easily toggle the setting for the currently open editor.


I forgot to mention
"Soft Wrap" is uncheck by default.


worked perfectly until the yesterday update.


Soft wrap is forcibly turned on for files with long lines, to avoid hangs when attempting to load or edit the file.


ok. how do i stop this?


I don’t think you can, short of building Atom yourself. The value is hardcoded.


now i have to find another editor


I second the “now I have to use another browser”. :tired_face:


Not the end of the world, just inconvenient and unexpected.


30 mins ago everything was on one line. I clicked soft wrap to take a look at something and now it will only toggle between hard and soft wrap. For me, atom has been working on no wrap for over a year. Im using atom with Nuclide.


    allowPendingPaneItems: false
      "source.ini": [
      "source.json": [
      "source.python": [
    disabledPackages: [
    telemetryConsent: "no"
    themes: [
    fontSize: 11
    invisibles: {}
    scrollPastEnd: true
    userId: ""
    errorPanelHeight: 142
  "linter-bootlint": {}
  "linter-jshint": {}
  "linter-ui-default": {}
    absoluteMode: true
    nodePath: "/usr/local/bin/node"
    "nuclide-buck": {}
    "nuclide-diagnostics-store": {}
    "nuclide-diagnostics-ui": {}
    "nuclide-home": {}
    "nuclide-ocaml": {}
  "one-dark-ui": {}
    period: 60
    showHiddenFiles: true
  "remote-sync": {}
  tabs: {}
  "todo-show": {}
    hideVcsIgnoredFiles: true
    showOnStartup: false


This really should be a setting since hard coded value is not a good idea and is annoying to new users since the setting appears to not work.


For others who have followed the above without success, in my case I wanted to specifically disable the default soft wrap for markdown documents. I believe the settings for those languages were overriding the “core” -> “editor” -> “softWrap” settings. So I explicitly overrode those and the defaults now work. You can see how to do this by looking at: Soft wrap support, but only for Markdown?


I should clarify that the reason why the advice above wasn’t working for me is because it suggested overriding the “core.editor” settings, which I did, but in my case but the problem was that a more specific language setting was overriding my override. So the solution was to do an override to the override.