How do I sign my commits using GPG via atom


Hi everyone,

I am using atom as my code editor. Its really good but I can’t find a way to sign my commits using my GPG key.

In Terminal, I can do this:

git commit -S -m “commit message”

And I am asked for my GPG key password. Upon entering this, the commit prceeds and when I push the commits to GitHub, GitHub shows that my commits have been verified.

However, whenever I try to use the built in commit and push features of atom, my commits are not signed. I would like them to be signed when I use the built in commit and push features - how do I do this?`

I am using a Debian based laptop - so being Linux, using Linux tools, I would have thought this would have just worked without really any additional set up.

Help appreciated.


Does this solution work for you?


adding line mentioned on that link to my global config now forces git to sign all commits made in atom. Added in GPG password to the password manager, means I no longer have to manually enter it,

Problem has been solved.