How do I show a tiny web terminal to show process outputs


I’m currently building an electron app that is supposed to automate a build process. I basically pull/update docker in the backend amongst other things. I have an idea to show a small “terminal” like log in the app when it is doing the backend tasks - something very similar to how ubuntu software updater shows a black terminal with logs being thrown on the screen.

Can someone please provide inputs on how I might achieve this? I don’t really need a web terminal such as xterm.js and it’s full functionality. I justwant to show the realtime logs in the electron app.



If you don’t need to receive user input, all you really need to do is to append new lines to your output with the style property overflow: scroll on your output frame and make sure it’s scrolled to the bottom after you update. If you aren’t sure how to structure that kind of text frame, you should check out DomTerm or one of the many projects on CodePen where people have already written very similar displays.