How do I setup ESLint with Atom-IDE?


I’ve tried searching around for a tutorial on how to setup lint rules for javascript with Atom IDE, but everything I find refers to how to set it up with Linter, which if I am not mistaken is not compatible with Atom IDE since they have much of the same functionality through atom-ide-ui’s diagnostics tab.

Maybe there is something really simple that I am missing, but any help would be much appreciated. This all started because I am taking “The Complete React Native and Redux Course” on Udemy and the instructor suggests setting up Linter. However, I have been using atom-ide-ui for work and like it, so I didn’t want to have to disable one and enable the other as I move back and forth between projects.



The Diagnostics also supports (for the most part, see here) the language packages meant for linter. In your case linter-eslint.


Okay. Do you happen to know if when installing linter-eslint one would still expect to see the message asking to install linter as a dependency? I am seeing that message, which is why I was assuming that things were not working, but maybe I can just ignore it.

EDIT: It does indeed look like just ignoring that dependency pop-up and proceeding as normal with lint setup through something such as a .eslintrc file works as expected once linter-eslint is installed.

Thanks for the help!