How do I setup a Atom Java IDE?


I followed the documentation and installed both

atom-ide-ui and ide-java.

However I am looking for the most basic functions of an IDE such as:

  1. Create a Java Project
  2. Compile and Run a Project
  3. Debug and Breakpoints

Does Atom IDE provide these and if yes how I do get them?


Open an Atom window and add a project folder. There you go. You can create whatever files you want. Atom will not do anything for you or hold your hand, because Atom is not a Java-specific editor and it doesn’t have any opinions about what files you should create or how you should structure your files. That’s all up to you.

Compile and Run a Project

Atom has no awareness of code aside from its own JavaScript and CoffeeScript. It doesn’t matter which package you download, but you need a package that knows how to use the command line program javac. script and atom-runner are the most popular, but there might be others. For my money, it’s worth knowing how to use the command line and then automating everything with process-palette so that you don’t have to use the command line but still have absolute control over your pipeline.

Debug and Breakpoints

I don’t see any packages specifically for debugging Java, but I assume the compiler has that functionality built in.