How do I search across all open files?

Is there a way to search across all files open in Atom?

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From this cheatsheet I found Cmd + Shift + f to do just that.


I realize this is making a zombie thread, but the question wasn’t really answered correctly. “Find String in All Project Files” is not the same “Find Across All Open Files”, as open files may not all be a part of the same project.

Yep, I’m adding to a 18 month old thread, but this is the first Google hit for how to search open files in Atom.
I have not found the answer to this question otherwise so I am hoping that someone can answer it for me and all the others that must see this.
I do not want to search across a project. I only want to search all the files that are currently opened in the editor. This is such a common need and is available in most editors. I must be missing something obvious.

There is an open Issue for this here:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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Looks like Atom now comes loaded with the package “fuzzy-finder” which you activate with “cmd + t”. If not … of course you can install “fuzzy-finder”


Try doing ctrl+t. It worked perfectly for me and it searches all the projects for your search term.


ctrl-shift-F on windows

command-shift-F on mac

There are two workarounds so far in that old issue:

But no real solution so far

Currently I use the open-files package which lists the open files above the tree-view panel. There are other like packages but I have not tested them.
Perhaps one of the package authors can be persuaded to dump a list of open files then a regex script can be applied to find and replace in open tabs. I use ripgrep for searching files instead of the Atom default find and replace.