How do I save separate sessions for multiple projects?


So I have installed project-manager package, but I want to have Atom to remember my session with different projects.
Say I have file1, file2 and file3 opened in project1, and file4, file5 opened in project2.
How do I switch between projects and “reattach” to my previous sessions?



I don’t know if I have a package doing it, but when I load any project it appears with the same opened files and file positions it had when last used.


You may have a package that is breaking this behavior. It is default atom behavior.

A project switch package (project manager doesn’t do this) generally will break this. The save session package (which was made before atom had this) breaks this now iirc.

Try disabling all your packages and testing it out.

On a side note… project manager opens new windows when you open a project. Another package (one of mine), project plus will actually switch in the same window.