How do i run my file?


I’m new to the Atom text editor. I opened some of my old html and css files on the editor but cant find a way to actually run it on Chrome. I’ve tried searching through the documentation for a bit but had no luck finding it, it wasnt a thorough search , since running your file should be a simple thing to do I figured i’m better off asking the community.

Hope someone can shed some light onto this.



What do you mean by “running a file”? Do you mean compiling it? Do you mean executing a script? Or do you mean just loading it in your default browser?

There are different packages for each of the above options (at least the first two … I haven’t tried the last one).


loading it in my browser.

I thought ‘running’ a file was the general term, as it is in Notepad++, where you just press run and your website pops up in chrome or your default browser.

And in order to actually see your website, doesnt it have to compile and execute it? In a way, what packages are required to load it in the browser?

thanks, i hope you get what i’m saying.


It’s enough to double-click the HTML file in Windows Explorer, I would say. Nothing fancy required. Yes, it’s more convenient if Notepad++ provides a button that saves you from opening the right folder in Windows Explorer and then finding the right file within the folder, then double-clicking it. But it’s just a convenience.

It should be sufficient to open the file once, then you can hit F5 after any changes.


I don’t think of opening a web page as “running” anything necessarily. If there is no JavaScript then all you’re doing is loading one or more data files. For opening an HTML file in your default browser, there are at least two: