How do i run my code


Hey, i have been trying to run my code on atom but i cant seem to figure it out, I’m a new user and i used to use sublime like most Atom users and i have looked into all the packages like script and script runner and non of them work they all give me error. what should i use I’m Programming Python, Ruby and CoffeeScript so i need to run those files and i might learn some more so if it can run more then those languages it would be helpful.



Atom doesn’t have the ability to build or execute code you’ve written in Atom built-in. See the Atom FAQ for more information:


i understand i am looking for a package to help me run my code because the ones that are suggested in the other discussions and the ones that have the most downloads don’t work but thanks anyway


I generally use cmd to run my code and write it with Atom, but if you really need to run it from your text editor use an IDE like Pycharm, for python, Ruby Mine for ruby etc…


Have you tried contacting the maintainers of those packages? The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.


Thanks Zac-Garby and leedohm for your help


Building on Zac-Garby’s response, I tend to use the terminal-plus package to run my build scripts, etc from Atom.

#8 is also a good option, and it includes a shell just like terminal-plus.