How do I run all package specs outside Atom?


My apologies if someone has posted the answer somewhere conspicuous; several searches didn’t find one.

When developing a package, I’d like to run the package specs outside of Atom. I tried to figure it out by following the key binding to the command, and so on, but I couldn’t see how to tease apart in particular what’s on the library load path (or whatever one calls it in Javascript land) when running the specs.

Who’s willing to point me in the right direction? Understanding this would really help me.



It sounds like what you’re looking for is the apm test command. It will run the package specs of the package in the current directory.


Very helpful! :smiley: Thanks! Is there any way to find out what command apm test runs to run all the tests? Something like a verbose mode. I could even add it myself, if I knew where to look.


You can always check the atom/apm repository.


BTW when I am run apm test it always lose focus and try to focus chrome Does it have any way to run it in a background ?