How do I prevent text being converted into url format?


Greetings. I’m absolutely new to html but need to update a simple one-page club website so thought I’d give it a go. Downloaded Atom and started changing text but some of the phone numbers I entered got changed to url’s. Did some research and disabled language-hypertext package but it didn’t fix the problem. What do I do please? Note that there are some genuine url’s in the text that I want to retain. Here’s the text as I type it: “021 117 0590 Margaret on 368 8153 or Nu on 027 232 4611”. Both the first and last phone numbers change to url’s when I open the edited file in MS Edge. Thank you for helping a beginner achieve something. It will give me a lot of satisfaction to get this done and help the club. S.


It’s hard for me to say what’s happening without seeing it. What do the hyperlinks point to? Do you see them if you open the page in a different browser?


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My opinion is that there problem is with EDGE and not what you did. When identifying that the number is for a telephone, it gives you a link that can be used to start Skype calling. Notice that Margaret has a different pattern than the other two. Place a 011 (or 021 or 027) in front of her number and see what happens.

Before going down the deep end… download Firefox internet browser. See what you see there before pushing this forward.

If you do push forward - reduce your code to something that still shows your issue. Please do not have accurate personal info in there.

Probably also look into (Javascript) ways of protecting personal informations from non-human ‘sniffers’ that work for spammers. Other may direct you to ideas.

This is as far as my knowledge will help you; others can follow up on this.

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Thank you Dan, excellent, just the help I needed. You are quite correct. This is an anomaly caused by MS Edge. When I prefixed Margaret’s phone number it also changed to a url. I didn’t bother with Firefox as I also have Chrome on my computer. When opened in Chrome the file was fine. I’m delighted, thank you again and all the best.

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In general, your question isn’t really about Atom. So in future you might want to consider using Stack Overflow for these kinds of questions.

That is a terrible “solution”. Not that I have anything against Firefox, but it’s an opinion-based workaround and no solution to the actual problem. If you’re building websites, you’re not going to convince all your visitors to switch the browser. That was a thing of the 1990s and it’s against fundamental idea of having an open web.

What you can do is put the following meta tag in your head (see documentation):

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no">

Another recommended read on the matter is The Current State of Telephone Links on CSS Tricks.


I can’t speak for @danPadric, but the reason I suggested trying in a different browser is that I’ve seen malware turn words on a site into hyperlinks. Changing the browser tells us if the behavior is because of Microsoft Edge or not, and that seems to have been the case.


Mr Jan. That is the text book correct thing to do. But with you coming forward with your insight and experience - giving us those links, make me glad of the question here.

As for the browser change - I already knew the answer… though technically incorrect method to follow. But again you did step forward and saved the day.

A real honour for a rooky like me to have you here Mr. Jan.