How do I open the same folder every time by default?


Hi, when I click “File > Add Project Folder” I would like Atom to point to the same default folder every time. This is because I store all of my project folders as shortcuts inside one large folder. I want to point to that large folder.

Is it possible to do this? The closest I’ve found in this forum is this thread ( which isn’t exactly what I’m looking for.

Just wondering if this behavior can be set somehow.

Thanks in advance!


Just to clarify, you’d like File > Add Project Folder to remember the last folder you added so it shows you that same folder the next time you do File > Add Project Folder? Or do you want Atom to start with this folder when you quit and restart Atom?


Hi rsese, thanks for your reply I would be totally happy with the first option (remembering the last folder) - although if there is a way to start with a particular folder when you quit and restart, it would be even better.


You can target a specific folder with the atom command. If you have a single folder that you want to open most of the time, you could make a shortcut with the command pointing at the specific folder (the method would vary based on your operating system).


Thank you. I thought maybe there was a way to put it into settings or the init script, but that’s an interesting workaround, and it works. Appreciate it!


I am using Atom on Windows 10, whatever folder i have in my tree view when i close the last open Atom window, is the default directory that will show / open in the tree view when i later open a brand new Atom window.

I quite rely on this feature and use it on a daily basis, get’s me right back where i started after a reboot or similar.


There is a way to put it into, but that would mean that you can’t open Atom windows anywhere else. The script is run every time a new Atom window is opened, so forcing it to a single folder would override your ability to open specific folders and files.


Good tip. Thank you!


Bummer. Appreciate your help on this issue. Thank you!