How do I open new files in new tabs? Sometimes it replaces the current tab (the tab name is italic)


Sorry if this is an obvious question, but sometimes I notice that the tab title becomes italicized and trying to open new files from the tree view replaces the tab. I do not want this behavior, and I’m pretty unsure about how it gets enabled (it just seems to happen randomly and I need to close the tab completely to fix it).

I noticed that there’s an PR for this in the tabs plugin but I’m not sure if it’s part of the Atom yet: I certainly don’t have any “preview” setting under my tabs plugin settings.

I’m only using two community plugins (custom-title and language-salt).

Appreciate if somebody can point me in the right direction as this has been driving me crazy since a couple days ago.


Well, turns out it’s a “helpful” (and in my case, extremely inconsistent) feature that can be disabled:


I’ve also documented this in a new FAQ here:

Sorry for the frustration :frowning2:


Thank you for this report and the answer. I think this behavior really ought to be disabled by default as it is very perplexing…



I wasted lots of my time by enabling “Allow Pending Pane”. May be this should be disabled by default.