How do I open files in 'hidden' folders?

How can I edit something likeatom /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf in Atom? Textwrangler lets me do this by default i.e open ‘hidden’ files and folders in OSX

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May have misunderstood, but can’t you do; (from your terminal)?

atom /etc/apache2/conf/http-vhosts.conf

yes this works atom /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf but I was talking about File->Open from the menu

Cmd + ^ + .

That should show hidden files in the File/Open dialog. (^ == shift)


scott2211 - perfect, sorted the issue for me, thanks

Hey gang, I’m not having any luck with that key combo on my mac in atom 0.204.0.

Where are you typing it and can you confirm that it’s still working in the latest version of atom?

I looked in the keybindings section and wasn’t able to find anything like it.


I can confirm that it works on the latest version of Atom. It is not in the keybindings section because it is a built-in feature of OS X. It works in any standard Open File dialog on OS X.

With that said, it does not work in all view modes in the standard Open File dialog on OS X :laughing: I’m a relatively new Mac user, so forgive me that I don’t know the official names of the view modes, but I’ll call them from left to right:

  • Icon View
  • Details View
  • Panel View
  • Cover View

In my experimentation, the above key combination Shift+Cmd+. only works in Icon View and Details View. But once the hidden files/folders are displayed, you can change to the other views and they will still be displayed.


Changing to the Icon or Details view and doing Shift+Cmd+. worked! Thanks for the detailed reply and quick response.


On Mac OSX,

  • to enable hidden files/folders for Atom only, at the terminal type:

      defaults write com.github.atom AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
  • to check what you have right now:

      defaults find AppleShowAllFiles
  • to remove this feature, at the terminal type:

      defaults delete com.github.atom AppleShowAllFiles

    be careful not to type

      defaults delete com.github.atom

    or you’ll delete defaults from Atom’s domain (I guess, I won’t try :sweat_smile:)

  • to enable hidden files/folders in OSX globally:

      defaults write -g AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

Is there a solution to opening hidden files/folders available on the latest atom release on an ubuntu machine? The only way I am able to get to the .atom folder currently is through the “Open Config Folder” button in the settings tab inside of atom.

Minor detail, but I think the semi-official finder view mode names are Icon, List, Column, and Flow!

You can use a free app Funter
It allows to hide or unhide any file or folder on Mac.

When you hit “Cmd O” to open a file in Atom, you can then type “Cmd-Shift-.” to show hidden files inside the File Open dialog that pops up. This is a Mac-specific keyboard command, not actually related to Atom.