How do I open a folder as a project folder?


I am trying to start a new project and when I open a new window and add a new folder the icon and behavior is different from my other projects. The other five or so projects have a book icon for project folders, and the command palette ignores files in .gitignore. However now when I add a folder, the icon is a plain folder and the .gitignore feature does not work. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add a new project like my other projects, and my searching has been fruitless. Am I missing something?

Below is a screenshot of what I mean. My existing projects all have this icon, new projects have the “plain” folder.


Each root folder is a “project folder” for Atom’s purposes. The book icon means that the folder is a git repo, and having a git repo initialized is also necessary for .gitignore to be meaningful.