How do I notify users of significant changes after a package update?


As the title says. I think there’s no standardized way of notifying users of new features after an update to one of their packages. Well, I have never seen any such update come by, so that’s an assumption.

Basically, I’m looking for an obtrusive way to tell users something like “you are now able to insert new feature here”. I’m thinking of displaying a native notification, or alternatively opening the in a new tab (I’ve seen something similar in Sublime Text once if I remember correctly).

I’m not sure though what the best way would be to make sure it only displays once. There’s no onDidUpdate method on the PackageManager I can subscribe to or anything. I’m thinking about saving the version number to localStorage, but there might be better ways.


There is a ticket about adding changelogs to the update card, but since Dec’14 nothing has changed…


That’s an interesting topic, forgot to check the issues, thanks! I’ll add my two cents over there as well.