How do I make atom ignore all these irrelevant git changes?


I’m working in a completely different directory that isn’t even involved with git, but for some reason the sidebar still displays a ton of git changes (540237 files!) which is really annoying and probably slowing down my laptop.

Is there any way to ignore all of these? I don’t even see a field to specify what repository I’m working on, and these changes atom is alerting me of aren’t even all in the same repository…


The repository should be whatever your active project folder(s) include, and no more than that. Do you have a large number of project folders open at once?

Possibly related: There was a thread recently where a user reported an inordinately large amount of files being tracked.


Never mind, fixed it thanks to someone on the atom slack channel. Turns out I had a .git folder in my home repository for some reason and atom tried to track everything under my home folder.