How do i make a game?


kan some one help me make a game


What programming languages do you know? Zed Shaw walks people through making text based games in Learn Ruby the Hard Way. After that, you could check out gosu.

Or you could download unreal and try to figure that out. Or Unity if you know C#. Or canvas if you know javascript or…


im new so…


im trying to lern java


Java is a difficult language to learn as your first. Why did you want to learn it? Strongly recommending Python or Ruby as a first language. If you must go and learn a bloatware language, C#'s Unity is very powerful and probably easier to use than something you’ll get from Java.


does atom have python?


You can write in any language using atom. It’s a cool and hackable tool but that’s all it is. Atom itself is mostly javascript and HTML, like the frontend of a website.