How do I link css to html

I can’t seem to get my css to link to my html,
I’m a complete newbie so please help.
This is my code so far.
I was just trying to test it first so the code isn’t that complicated.

Basic error. Your file is named “Html” where it should be named index.html or other name (always with *.html extension).

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Oh, i see,
thank you very much

Ok so I changed around some things and fixed my mistake but it still isn’t working
I’m dumb so I don’t know what I should do

Depends on what you have written in main.css.
I suggest that you go to to run through a few beginner tutorials before advancing to use Atom.

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This is what i wrote in css.
all i don’t know is why it isn’t linking to the html
thanks for the advice I will definitely check it out

I note that you have not closed the second head tab.
You have this …
<head> <head>
When it should be this …
<head> </head>

You need to validate html syntax. There is a package atom-beautify which might help

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sweet, thanks