How do I install fonts in Atom?


Guys, I’ve just started using Atom for java development and I’m getting it even easier to my eyes, so that way I can be more productive.
However I didn’t find a way to change the Atom font yet. As an atom noob, I’d appreciate if anyone could help me out solving that issue.
Thank you!


If you’re referring to the font that code appears in, then it is under “Font Family” in the Settings View:


There’s also the fonts package that provides a number of nice fonts for programming


Thanks for the help m guys
but how do I install the downloaded font or font package? I’ve already tried that and it didn’t change.


The font should be accessible by your stystem if you want to use the method proposed by @leedohm (I think). You can google how to do that for your specific system. If you use the fonts package, you can install it from inside Atom:

  1. Open Atom (duh)
  2. Open the settings view (Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P on a mac)
  3. Click on the Install tab
  4. Search for “fonts”
  5. Install the package
  6. Click the package’s settings button
  7. Select a font from the fonts list


Thanks, olmokramer!
Finally got that haha
Atom is awesome!


@leedohm i want to install Hasklig font . I tried to do in setting but it didn’t reflect the change.


As @olmokramer stated above, if you want to use a font in Atom, you have to install it in the manner appropriate for your operating system. Once the font is available to all applications on your OS, then you can select it in the Settings View (though there are open bugs on this).


In case if you want to add a custom font which is not in your system by default.

for ex: google font

here is the way to add your favorite font
Add custom fonts in Atom