How do I install Atom on Manjaro?


Since Arch doesn’t use .deb or .rpm files.


You could use an AUR package manager.
I haven’t used Arch in a bit, but I believe yaourt is still one of the more popular package managers for that.

So installing atom would be something along the lines of

$ yaourt -S atom-editor


use pacaur it’s the best package manager for AUR as you can see here.
In manjaro you can use alse octoy to find AUR packages by pressing the :alien: button.


I already tried to use yaourt but the best way to install is using a pacman.

To install atom in manjaro just type :

youruser@yourhost: sudo pacman -S atom


youruser@yourhost: su
root@yourhost: pacman -S atom


Maybe it’s a bit late for me to answer , so more for others: I had the same problem, through yaourt cli: even if I succeeded the installation I couldn’t open it, same from source - the editor wouldn’t open. Tried to see if in the was something odd but no expert… So I used octopi and and extra program was suggested - for indexing common files, not sure if it had something to do with it but it worked! - Atom 1.30.0-1 community


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