How do I hide the output from Processing?


Hi there.
So I’m using the Processing package for Atom.
Every time I run the program, there will be an console field that outputs messages.
But when I close my program, the field covers up half of my page, and there is no way to close it.

It looks similar to this thread but I’m not sure how exactly to edit this

Here is a screen shot of the panel and it’s structure in html

Does anyone know how to hide the panel?



I am also looking for a way to close this! Its driving me nuts!!
Not only is it unclosable its huge and its in all the documents, so the only way to get rid of it is to restart Atom!
Super annoying.

Please tell us how to get rid of it with a keymap or anything.


The package is not maintained any more, cant you just switch to something that is up to date.


You can check the package code itself for keybindings. That said, I would definitely advise switching to a package with an active maintainer.


oh wow…, not sure how i missed this. its ctrl+alt+c - thanks a bunch!

yeah I should probably change to something else…


If you’re comfortable with setting up command-line instructions, process-palette is a fantastically useful tool (and it pays to be comfortable with the CLI side of any software development tools one uses). You can set up a command with certain dynamic variables (like the path of the active file or the contents of the clipboard) and the package registers every entry as an Atom command that can be used via a keybinding or another package, like flex-tool-bar. It doesn’t support input and on Windows there are times it isn’t able to stop a persistent process (and sometimes it works great), but other than that it’s pretty much perfect.