How do I hide the left files pane?


I tried to focus on it and View Menu -> Close Pane but its still there. I had it hidden before.


You can toggle the Tree View with the “Tree View: Toggle” command, Cmd+\ on OS X or Ctrl+\ on other platforms.


Thank you, you would think that would be in the Panels menu.


Another one is, which works on a German keyboard: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B


And for my swedish mac: Cmd+K, Cmd+B


It works for me just like in sublime CTRL+K+B for toggle (Ubuntu)


Works on my mac :slight_smile:


On latin american keyboard also works


You can find the TreeView-menu under Packages > Tree View in the top level menu.


Apparently installing Nuclide disables Tree View. Maybe. Somehow it got disabled after I installed Nuclide. You have to re-enable it to get the files pane back.


Thank God.