How do I edit a language grammar / syntax in Atom?



I’m a long-term TextMate user (since beta stage) that have created / edited many language grammars over the years.

Now I’m trying out Atom (again) and I’m struggling to work out how to edit the default grammars, i.e.: adding new features, highlighting, etc.

Can someone please point me towards some extensive docs on doing this? I would love to understand how to correctly handle scopes in Atom and their naming schemes which seem different to TextMate.

How do I embed other grammars within each other (i.e.: JS/CSS/PHP in HTML) and so on.

My initial converted (via apm --convert) grammar bundle does not work as expected, and I’m clueless as to why it does not work.

I really hope there’s some more info on this matter. Perhaps there is, but my google foo is insufficient.

Thanks for your time and attention.


See the FAQ:

It has pointers to documentation. On the flip side, the documentation it points to is all TextMate documentation. The Atom grammar system is directly based off of TextMate’s.