How do I download and install Atom?


This may seem like a silly question, but now that Atom is in public beta, I honestly cannot find the right repo or link to download Atom? I also didn’t get an email to confirm that I signed up…


You have to wait to get an invite for now. If you submitted your email on the website you will get an invite at some point. I got mine last night so they are sending them out just not sure how many and how often. The beta is also OS X only, at least for now.



I don’t really understand how this is a ‘public’ beta in that case though…?

Wait, what, only OSX?! I thought this was written in node.js which is platform independent!


I assume public as in anybody can request access to the beta vs it being private and internal GitHub staff only.


I don’t believe they have discussed the other platforms yet just that it is OS X only right now. Here is another thread on it Timeline On Windows and Linux Betas?.


I see! Well, I’m excited for when it’s finally released, that’s for sure :slight_smile:


Yes, but think about things like UI elements/interactions.

Would you want a windows “tile” interface on Linux? Or an OSX left-justified close/minimize/maximize title bar on Windows? Also things like keyboard commands (command versus windows keys) are still going to be platform specific and need testing. Can’t store windows config stuff in ~/.atom because windows has no idea what ~/ means :smile:

The core being written in node/node-webkit certainly allows for great portability, but it seems like Github wants a certain level of polish with the releases. I have no doubt this is running currently somewhere on all 3 platforms, and when it feels good they’ll release it.


That is a good point!


I’ve been posting builds here (for Windows):