How do I disable self-signed cert checks in Atom?


I have an interesting situation here at work. We have some sort of firewall / packet inspection device that inspects SSL traffic by hijacking an SSL stream with its own certificate. All corporate computers trust this certificate so there aren’t any issues when browsing the Internet. However, it looks like Atom either doesn’t look at the OS cert list or something in the security settings is causing it to be seen as untrusted.

I was able to solve this for apm by adding strict-ssl = false to ~/.atom/.apmrc. I had no problems using apm after this. However, I don’t know of a way to tell Atom itself to ignore these cert errors. The problem arises when viewing the packages and themes list. It grabs some content (I believe user avatars) over SSL and the program completely locks up. I can wait 10 minutes for all the web requests to time out, but waiting that long is essentially a crash.

I’ve listed all the errors I got on this issue here. If anybody knows of a workaround, I would be very grateful.


apm config set strict-ssl false

Self-signed cert checks?
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