How do I disable default keymaps?


Hey there!

I’ve been using Atom for 3 months and now that I am wrapping my head around some JavaScript and PHP, a massive issue came up.
I am using a laptop for most of my work, which has a Hungarian keyboard layout, thus most of the special (or not so special) characters, such as “{”, “&” and “[” are also all assigned to a native atom keybound function, like CTRL + ALT + F. I’ve tried everything I could find, like unsetting the defaults and even fiddling around with the working files of Atom, by which I managed to break it a couple of times.
Does anyone have a solution for this that actually works? If I recall correctly it somehow logs that the keybinds are unset in my custom keymap, but something keeps them taking effect, as shown by Key Binding Resolver.

Thank you very much for your help, dear experienced Atom users and hackers! I don’t want to use Brackets! :sob:


You can find information on removing keybindings in the Atom Flight Manual in the “Keymaps In Depth” section:


Hey, thank you for the useful suggestion, however I have already beent though that article without finding a solution.

I hope this screenshot explains what the problem is that I’m suffering with.


You also may be running into the AltGr problem:

If you intend to remap keys, then you don’t need to unset them first.

But in order to unset a key, you need to match both the keybinding and the scope in which the keybinding is set:


Yeah, thankfully I managed to get through with that (almost a hundred lines of code for 3 keybinds), but one of them I didn’t manage to unset, even unsetting it in every possible scope I found in keybind resolver. It is unset in my keymaps.json file, however it being unset isn’t recognised by the editor so they keybind still works.

Otherwise thanks for being very helpful! I do have a lovely keyboard with alt-gr on it (thank heavens for that). I’ll try to work on this tomorrow, should I manage to come up with something that makes this last keybind go away.