How do I disable autocomplete


I loath autocomplete. Not for any specific reason, it just bugs me a lot.
I’ve got it turned off

disabledPackages: [
But it still engages. “do+enter” gets converted to what ever local variable I have that starts with “do” and “end + enter” suffers the same… Now I can remember to press a space after or the escape button, but that feels ugly…
I would love some advice on how to actually turn the autocomplete off.


What version of Atom are you using? autocomplete is no longer bundled with Atom; autocomplete-plus is now instead. Assuming you have a version of Atom with autocomplete-plus bundled, you can effectively disable it by unchecking “Show Suggestions on Keystroke” – this is a bit better than disabling the package outright because you can always manually activate autocomplete with a keyboard shortcut if you ever change your mind while coding.


cool… I’ve not used auto complete for over 7 years now… I doubt I’ll ever turn it on :slight_smile: Thank you so much… it makes perfect sense, I thought it was a version bump.


Sorry to bump this topic
…especially just to say that
but I’m new to Atom and every minute is such a joy this one is too much I can’t hold it
this baby here in autocomplete+ settings is PRECISELY what I was looking for
love you guys :heart::heart: keep coding


Where is the “Keymap for Confirming a suggestion” setting ?? All I can find is the following:


Look in the settings for the autocomplete-plus package.


great thanks


Literally was looking everywhere for that little beauty.


FWIW, I think “tab always, enter when suggestion” is the better default here. I use “enter” alot, and not often for autosuggest.


This makes autocomplete in Atom actually usable. Thank you.


i agree something like the “tab always, enter when explicitly selected” would be good for a default option.

tab and enter always almost made me leave atom


Realized this package is already bundled with Atom so just cmd + shift + p, then search for installed packages, then search for autocomplete-plus, then click settings: