How do I disable advanced indent correction while keeping basic auto indent on?


I want to turn off the “smart” indent aid when it indents and unindents for you by guessing where it’s appropriate. But I still would like to leave the simple same-level auto indent available.


I would also love a more simplistic indentation management option. something as simple as “keep the current indent level” without forced outdenting because, right now, the #1 source of pain for me is having to correct Atom’s mistaken assumptions about where my line indents should be.


<div id="div1">
  <div id="div2">
    <div id="new">
    This content hasn't been indented yet because I am in the process of editing
    and adding the new div id="new" around it.  The next closing tag gets outdented 
    instead of this content being indented.
  </div><!-- This closing tag gets outdented incorrectly -->