How do I determine the return value of app.getAppPath?

I put the product of my project in directory dist. The project structure is like the following:

├── others
└── dist
    └── app
        ├── controllers
        │   ├── index.d.ts
        │   └── index.js
        ├── public
        │   └── favicon.ico
        └── views
            └── index.html

So I start the app with the command electron ./dist/app/controllers/index.js, and the return value of app.getAppPath is <PROJECT_PATH>/dist/app/controllers/. What should I do if I want the return value of app.getAppPath to be <PROJECT_PATH>/dist/app/?

Put your index.js file in you //dist/app folder, instead of //dist/app/cotrollers - make sure you change any necessary references.