How do I delete a file/folder permanently in atom tree-view without moving to trash

Atom tree-view provides a context menu option which helps me to remove files/folders, but it moves files/folders to trash instead of delete it, then I have to empty my trash. I’d like a option to delete files/folders, not move things to trash.

I’m using Atom in Windows 10 64-bit, thanks.

Originally, we had an option like that. People would accidentally use it and be upset that they couldn’t get their data back. Because of this, we decided that it wasn’t worth it to have a permanent delete option in Atom. If you would like to implement something like that in a package of your own, please do so :grinning:

You’re right, I need to create a package my own.
But I have a little suggest, the current “Delete” option, should it be named “Move to Trash” instead?

It is standard in OSs such as windows and Mac to use the term Delete when it is actually moved to the trash. I mentally consider things in the trash as deleted.

Is your disk too small? Is that why you are concerned about the trash? Files in software projects are usually small compared to disks. I have been “deleting” things for two years in Atom and I forget it is there. I’ve never emptied it.

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@khai96_ have you made such a package? I would also like my files to be deleted from disk by the workspace tree. Recovery is what version control is for :slight_smile:


@khai96_ @ErikAGriffin I made such a package a while ago. It’s called permanent-delete


You guys should reconsider bringing that back. Some of us work on removable media that doesn’t support recycling bins.


Network drives to not support moving to trash. For example on MacOS the app Transmit by Panic is popular.

This is the only way to access remote files with Atom for me.

Extremely bad idea. Contributing developers can use git repositories to back up their work. Incompetence cannot become a reason to add obstacles to open-source development tools.


I guess I’m one of the zillion other incompetent devs out there then based on mirage335 view of the world.

I use Atom within my arch linux vm, but I use a media share with virtualbox for a drive for my code. Move to trash fails. Perhaps I can spend time monkeying a config to fix this but meh. Just would be nice to have a few more niceties directly in the editor and not have to jump into term for a silly rm command - but no big deal. Every millisec is dev productivity time though so this is annoying imho.

Would be really nice just to have a permanent delete next to the trash button on the dialogue.

I think there is no need to have both options - Delete and Move to Trash - in the context menu. Delete is just fine. But in the project settings there should be an option to toggle the behaviour of Delete. If for any reason - and some here mentioned quite sensible ones - the Move to Trash behaviour is unwanted, it can be switched off there. On the other side the Move to Trash seems to be a good default for all those, who do not tune the project settings, because it conforms with most OSs behaviour and so user expectations.

This hinders my development to no end! All the time “The following file couldn’t be moved to trash” and “Is there a Recycle Bin on the drive where the files are stored”? Ummm… no there isn’t. Why even ask if there is nothing you can do about it. I have to launch Explorer to delete the file every time.

If you’re seeing the error "The following file couldn’t be moved to trash” and “Is there a Recycle Bin on the drive where the files are stored”, then your D drive’s recycle bin alias may be named differently than in your C drive.

I was able to fix this in windows. The recycle bin in your C drive is a hidden folder called $Recycle.Bin. In your D drive it may be called $RECYCLE.BIN. Ranaming the D drive alias to match the C drive folder fixed this. I do not know if this will cause other side effects. Although Windows is supposed to be case-insensitive, so hopefully not.

To view a drive’s hidden files, in Explorer go to View -> Options -> Folder Options -> View -> Advanced Settings and uncheck “Hide protected operating system files”.

I have a projectfolder on a networkdrive. There is no trash thus: atom cannot remove the file/folder…

pretty anoying. Any way to fix this?

as I cannot edit my previous post, here the answer in case people find this thread before this one:

the package is called:

I have the same issue, because I am working on an encrypted filesystem where the normal trash isn’t supported (ecryptfs, Ubuntu 20). I would really like if deleting files either permanently deleted them (yes, I have git, yes I know how to use it) or there was some workaround that would emulate trash on file systems where it isn’t available.

I have project-viewer installed which complements tree view.
When I click on a project folder in project-viewer (right panel) it opens in tree-view (left panel) and removes (not deleting) folder previously in tree-view. This I find useful since I prefer to load projects I am working on whereas tree-view adds new folders to the loaded folders. In tree-view if you right click on any project folder there is the option to remove folder.
P.S. On Ubuntu 20.04.