How do I debug slow startup and freezing editor?


Is there a way / package to debug slow startup of Atom or to figure out why the editor is freezing during work? Whenever I start Atom I always get the “Editor is not responding: Keep waiting/Exit” message and need to continue waiting. There seem to be some packages that take an unreasonable amount of time to launch even when they aren’t doing anything yet (Remote-FTP (200.000+ users, 5 seconds to start) or JS Refactor (12.000 users, 1.2 seconds to start) - to pick two I just noticed). It’s hard to find them, though.

#2 should give you some pointers, specifically the and sections.


Nice. Helped me to locate another 3 packages that I thought were cool when I installed them but actually never used - and that added another 3 seconds to startup time.