How do I control auto-reload of changed files?


Like Sublime, Atom for me (1.8.0, on Mac) seems to automatically reload any files I have open (but not changed since the last time I saved) if they change on disk. This is fine, thanks.

But for Sublime, if the file disappeared entirely (such as when switching git branches to one where the file doesn’t exist, or if I purposely or accidentally deleted it on the command line), it would still hold the last version of the file in Sublime’s edit buffer. But for Atom, when the file disappears from disk, if the edit buffer does not have unsaved changes, the buffer will close and the whole tab will disappear!

I can’t quite figure out which options or package control this behavior. In particular, I would like a disappearing file to NOT automatically close the edit buffer for that file.

Is there an option that controls this, or a different package I can install that gives me more control over this?


No, there currently is no option for this. I don’t know of any packages that override this behavior.


I have same problem here. Sometimes, I work with files opened by others and if one of then modify and save the file, I lost my work without notification by Atom, cause he loads automatically the file again. Before working with Atom, I was working with Kate (Plasma editor) and if he notice the file was changed, he asked me about to reload or not the file. I think this is a “must” for Atom. :wink: