How do I contribute to electron community and where do I start?


I’ve cloned the repo and browsed through the code.

I’d really like to contribute to the code. But how do I know what module needs what done?

I saw issues on github, but I’m not sure if that’s where you pick the tasks from.


The documentation is probably the best place to start perusing.
Check this out:


That documentation isn’t as up to date as the github version. I made a few changes to the documentation on the github repo over a week ago and those changes still aren’t showing up on the “official page”. You would think they would have better C.I.


Which change did you submit, you got a link?


A couple minor changes to the webview tag page. I’ll point one out… notice how at the beginning of the “Methods” section their is an example? At the time of me writing this, that is not on the official page.

(I would link to the specific location but I’m on mobile at the moment)