How do I close the key Binding Resolver panel?


How does your custom keybinding file looks like?


It was blank except for the 32 lines of defaults all commented. Luckily I somehow fixed it, not sure how perhaps a reboot did the trick.


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I am just glad there is no x to click in the corner of the key binding resolver window/pane. When I saw there was no need to be worried about that, my next worry was there might be one of the arrows which open or close panes in Atom. When I knew those obstacles were clear that left only one more of the classics which could have ruined everything. In retrospect, Ishould have known better to have been worried about the key binding resolver having a presence in the VIEW menu, since the view menu is reserved for something it clearly is not a part of, so I should have known there is no way the key-binding window would get a spot in the view.

So that is excellent work keeping the dismissal triggers out of visible space.

I also am impressed by the way we’re covered in case anyone tries pulling the ol’ “I didn’t know that” as an excuse or complaint. No one can deny having received the memo regarding use of the esc and and key combinations, so there is perfect proof that whoever could not remember the clear instructions or who failed to see the only possible logical way of closing the key-bindings window has no one to blame but themselves.



I was going out of my mind every time I hit the enter key. Thank you so much for your help!


It was annoying .thanks


Helped me when I pressed ESC :heart_eyes:


does not go away with exc or control + or cmd + nothing works


why is it even appearing in the first place?


Try calling up the command palette and trigger it from there.

Step 1

Step 2


well. that helped. thanks a lot


it did go away. But why is it here in the first place?


Thank you so much man, I was very irritated with that lol.


can someone explain me why sometime this window is opening when I’m using search and press enter?



You would normally want to use the Keybinding Resolver to find out, but unfortunately the command that activates it is the same one that deactivates it. Does this happen to you when you open the command line with atom --safe? Do you have anything in your keymap.cson or files that might be influencing it?

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