How do I close the key Binding Resolver panel?


I may have opened this panel in error.

Many thanks in anticipation.


Notification popup on every keystroke

Got it!



For others who might stumble on this topic, there are two ways to close the Keybinding Resolver panel:

  1. Press Esc
  2. Press Cmd+. on OS X or Ctrl+. on other platforms


Here is link to the GitHub Keybinding Resolver package page
link to gut hub page


It works, many thanks:slight_smile:


thank you! that works ctrl + .


Same thing… And I know how it happens.

Hotkey for commenting (Сtrl+/) at russian keyboard layout become (Ctrl+.)
And there are unicode-equal dots.

Is there any opportunity to force using English layout with hotkeys ?


You can still use Esc to close the Keybinding Resolver panel. And you can always map keys to whatever you want. If you want Ctrl+/ to toggle the Keybinding Resolver panel, you can add this to your keymap.cson if you’re on Windows:

  'ctrl-/': 'key-binding-resolver:toggle'

Change win32 to linux if you’re on Linux.


@leedohm Thanks for reply, but I meant something else: there it is —


Thanks, Horrifying feature… lol


Going to post a note everytime I have to come back for this stupid thing. 2X on this one


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Strange comment :slight_smile:
Is it that you forget that the functionality is a toggle or do you press ctrl-. by accident?

My reason for asking - if the unintentional ctrl-. press is the problem, then you can do something about that. You can bind ctrl-. to “unset!” or to anything else to block unintentional triggering. You can still trigger the original resolver function from the command pallet ctrl-shift-p if and when you need it… do notice there it does say “toggle”.



Not sure what I’m hitting. It’s in the context of searching. esc gets rid of it so it’s ok.


It should have an X on the UI.


I agree with you. When experimenting with Atom I fell into the same trap for a while.
More so… others agree with you too.
[LINK 1]

AND there is a pull request that already has a viable solution.
[LINK 2]

The following code changes you can absorb in your installation if you’d like to try.
[LINK 3]

So - - - The question to ask now is:
why has the change not been absorbed into the project yet…

- Dan Padric


Thank you :slight_smile: Helped me when I pressed ESC


I made an account to <3 you


I have the knightmarish scenario where I have associated the [enter] key with opening this panel or opening some kind of tree view. It’s super annoying each time I press enter.


No idea how I turned this on (was typing feverishly!) but I’d love to figure out how to stop this toggle everytime I press enter.


The Keybinding Resolver will tell you what commands are associated with each key press and where they originate from. If you’re having difficulty interpreting what it’s telling you, feel free to post a screenshot.