How do i change which folder in shown on that massive bar to the left that i dont know how to remove/hide?


That was annoying me on windows but now that im on a mac with a smaller screen its annoying me even more


What are you talking about?
A screenshot is infinitely more telling than this kind of description.


Sorry for the delay, it took me some time to find a decent screenshot app for mac (i know i could just take a normal screenshot but why not fix all the problems i could have with this in the future?). This is what im talking about:


So you’re talking of the tree-view package that can be disabled from the settings view, or toggled on/off with cmd-alt-\.


Mac also has bounded screenshots built-in:

  1. Shift+Cmd+4 and then select a region on the screen
  2. Shift+Cmd+4 SPACE and then click the window you want an image of

Though I do recommend Skitch for annotating your screenshots.

I also took the liberty of updating your post to put the image inline. It’s just easier if people don’t have to click through to another page. You can drag images straight into the edit box and drop them to upload them to the forum.


I wanted something like ShareX for windows, it uploads the image directly to imgur and copies the link to the clipboard, other programs just upload to their bad websites or dont give direct links so i always prefer uploading to imgur. In the end i decided to use mac2imgur but i will take a look at skitch because mac2imgur has no option to draw/add text

About my question, thanks abe, but is there any way to change what folder that is shown there? It is actually pretty usefull sometimes.


There is no way to change that folder. I believe this issue, currently “on-deck”, will solve this problem:

That said, on Windows Atom has added itself to the Explorer right-click menu. What you can do is navigate to the folder you want, right click inside that folder, and select Open in Atom. Hopefully it functions the same in Mac OSX. This opens up a new instance of Atom with the tree view set to that folder. It’s going to be your best workaround until proper project support gets added.


Check out my package It puts the link in a markdown file but you could always cut and paste the link. It uses imgur.


This is not entirely true, if you start atom using the command line, by first going to the folder you want to open and then using atom . your tree view will show you that folder.

If you feel the tree view is too big for your taste, you could try editing your styles.less and adding the following:

.tree-view-resizer {
    width: 42px!important;
    min-width: 42px!important;

    &:hover {
        width: auto!important;

Now your tree will shrink to 42px wide when you’re not actively using it and will change to full size when you are hovering over it with your mouse.


Or even simpler, just install autohide-tree-view.