How do I change the folder that atom automatically opens on start?


The title really says it all. I want Atom to start by opening a certain folder. Currently when it starts it just opens my home folder.

I have tried changing the project folder setting however this has not resolved the issue.


This is not an answer, but I can’t resist… My personal workflow is such that I’ve got a shell open in my project directory anyway. So I do atom . in that shell. (That is, I invoke the command-line tool atom and I pass it the current directory, by typing a single period.)


The docs say that you don’t need the period, but they are wrong.


+1 on this question.

I deleted the from the /Applications, and rm -rf ~/.atom , then copied the app back into /Applications (from Downloads). Now when I open it, it doesn’t default to /User/charlesmims/Documents. All I can figure was this somehow became the default when I opened the application while it was in Downloads, then moved it to Applications… or something like that. Moving on, anyway.
A hotkey that I just discovered that helps with my workflow is in finder, you can do ctrl-command-G and type in a path. So workflow becomes:
command-space to launch spotlight dialog, “atom” enter.
command-O to launch open dialog ctrl-command-G “~/projects/project-to-work-on” enter
command-O to launch another open dialog, ctrl-command G “~/projects/another-project” enter
command-~ to toggle projects
and command-w to close tabs, shift-command-w to close a window.
command-Q quits atom,
opening it back up with command-space “atom” enter re-opens all windows that were previously open when last quit.
Works for me!


That just changed recently. Now when there is no period it opens whatever was open when it was last closed.

Edit: And when I said recently I meant 45 mins ago in version 199.