How do I build or execute code I've written in Atom?


Please note: Topics asking for support with how to get specific languages to build or execute outside of Atom are off-topic for this forum and will be closed. You may want to refer to Stack Overflow for specific questions.

Atom doesn’t have built-in support for building any type of code nor does it have built-in support for executing any kind of code other than JavaScript. Atom has a JavaScript interactive command-line (also known as a REPL) available through the Developer Tools. You can access the JavaScript REPL by using the following steps:

  1. Launch Atom
  2. Select the menu View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools
  3. Click the “Console” tab

If you’re looking for a JavaScript execution environment beyond a REPL, Atom doesn’t come with anything built-in for that purpose.

If you want to build code or execute scripts from within Atom there are a number of packages available including:

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