How do Atom and React handles huge amount of lines in files?



I didn’t really know where to post it, so I put this topic here.

I’ve just read this article from the Atom blog, describing the transition to React, where I found great stuff to improve my app, but I’m still facing some problems.

I’m building a music player with Electron and React. Everything is working great, but when the library gets bigger, the tracks list takes more time to rerender. From 3000 tracks in the library, the render time is about 80ms, not so much you would say, but the user can notice these micro-lags when selecting tracks.

I was asking myself how Atom achieved to get through this render problems while editing big files with a few thousands of lines ? The cursor does not lag, same for text selection, etc

any ideas ?



This shoulkd be what you are looking for :


That sounds like exactly what I was looking for indeed, thanks !