How could I preview Markdown in same tab?


To fully focus on writing in Markdown, sometimes I miss the centred layout of some common Markdown editors e.g. Obsidian and their feature of previewing not in a tab on the right, but in the same tab after hitting a keyboard shortcut.

Most Markdown plugins I tried in Atom create another tab on the right. Are you aware of any that could preview in the same tab?

Thanks! k

I use markdown-preview-enhanced which does indeed open in separate panel. Giving some thought to your requirement I would leverage an automation script which switches between various combinations of open panels. Thus one “profile” might be only markdown-preview-enhanced (I am exploring mermaid at the moment so a large mermaid preview might be useful). I can suggest what external automation tool to use but need to know Windows/Linux/Mac?

Thanks! I work on a Mac.

I stop short here. I am on Ubuntu/Windows.
But explore a utility like Alfred in Mac. In my Atom setup I have used process-palette to launch external automation scripts and process-palette settings allows menu items to be added or hot keys per process defined. I have multiple processes such as Run Python, Run R, Run … and another … Toggle Profile. You can extend Atom functionality this way without adding new packages.

[P.S.] Found some Alfred/Atom examples here.

Ubuntu users should try the equivalent Albert.

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great, thank you, I will experiment :wink: