How could I add a framework api prompt?


Hi, everyone:)

If I want to add a framework api prompt, how to do that?

Just like this:


I want to type in atom editor:

MyClass::mySta( while this is the time for the prompt to show up)

Thanks in advance:)


You mean something like IntelliSense? Where as you’re typing it pops up with information about the API that you’re typing out?


Yes, indeed. Could you give me some ideas?Many thanks.


If you’re looking for something already implemented, there are multiple topics on this scattered around the board. Here is one as an example:

There are packages such as tern for JavaScript that purport to offer this kind of functionality on a language-by-language basis.

If you’re looking to implement something like that, I don’t really have any ideas for you unfortunately. But there are a lot of smart people on the board that may well have.


Thank you. I’ll see that.

Here is a screen record about the api prompt when I am using sublime.


If that’s all you’re looking for, check out Autocomplete Plus.


Aha, it’s a little different from that. Autocomplete plus will autocomplete the words we typed already, but it can’t autocomplete the api word we have not typed yet. I thought atom could read the configuration of custom api list.

So the question is:

Is there a way to write custom completions just like write custom completions in sublime?



@leedohm, I found a topic about this: