How Can my Time Tracker Bypass the MacOS Accessibility Settings?


I have created an app that captures time and mouse/keyboard events using Electron. It works fine on Windows. However, it’s being blocked on Mac OS (see prompt below).


Because of this, Mac users won’t be able to use our app - unless they enable it by going to settings > securty & privacy. This is not a good user experience because ideally, we want them to be able to use our app after installation (like how other apps would behave)

I’ve read that this is common for apps that track mouse and keyboard events because it’s similar to a keylogger. To clarify, we did not create a keylogger but a time tracking software like

Is there a way to bypass the securty & privacy step so they can use the app immediately after installing?

By the way, we have one option that we haven’t tested yet:
-Get the app verified through the EV code signing certificate like

We’d love it if you can help us get in the right direction.