How can I switch Python version for script


In the same way as what?



“There’s considerable inertia leaning me toward running all mac programs in the same way” means that the usual workflow when opening a mac program is to click on the program icon, which often sits in the dock. If we exclude power-users, to start a program from the terminal via command line is extremely rare. I think it’s a good thing to have workflows conform to the most intuitive approach.



You can’t conceive of people doing it who aren’t “power-users”, because you don’t do it. I use the command line all the time, and I have a bunch of friends who do too because those were the Internet communities I grew up in. Gamers, writers, and script kiddies who got to be the first teenagers with good computers. I’m definitely not a power-user of Windows, but I keep my terminal emulator cmder open at basically all times. If I want to open a program, it’s easier for me to hit Win-2 and type the name of the thing I want (like cd D:/github/project && atom .) than it is to search through the start menu with my mouse.

And let’s talk about intuitive. Alexa is intuitive, because her instruction method matches how we talk to each other. For command-line-style interfaces, you are giving instructions to your friend the shell, who will go find what you want once you give them enough information. So if I know that I want to open a particular folder in Atom, I can phrase that as a single instruction, which takes me no time at all to type: cd D:/github/project && atom .. I find that to be plenty intuitive. It took me a little bit to learn the syntax, the first time, but through exposure and eventually through learning to use telnet to play World of Darkness, I became quite fluent at navigating man files. And the command line ethos has proven to be more effective for a lot of things than the visual desktop paradigm. I still like to see things displayed in a GUI, but I like to give my commands in that very precise style. It feels natural to write what I want into being.

There’s another tool here, one used by command-line people to permanently organize their thoughts: the shell script. If you make a file that says,

cd ..
atom .

and you make that file executable, then you try to run that file, you will have a shortcut to open Atom in the folder immediately above the folder where your shell script is. You can tell your computer to do anything and can activate it by a click of a mouse.



Haha, you speak my mind! First few replies are so totally useless, somewhat arogant and a total waste of everyone’s time! I have to register to thank you for pointing that out!