How can I sort tree view into numerical order?


In my project, I have a tonne of files (184) inside a folder, and each is formatted like this:


Where the # is just a number (in the range 0 to 184).

Currently, tree view displays this folder like so:

Seemingly by pure ASCII-alphabetical ordering, even though finder can sort them correctly:

Why isn’t Atom sorting my files in numerical order? I’d really like them to be displayed sequentially in the side-bar, how can I accomplish this?


According to what I can see the Tree View uses natural sorting, the feature you’re asking for, in Atom v1.4.0. Have you tried updating to the latest Stable version of Atom?


Ah, okay, I think I’ve only got 1.2.4.

What’s the easiest way I can update? Through apm/npm?


It depends on what platform you’re on. On OS X and Windows, you should see a squirrel pop up on the right side of the status bar letting you know an update is available. On Linux, you’ll need to manually upgrade by going to the website, downloading the latest version and following the install instructions again.