How can I see output result in Atom editor

I write tic tac toe game in python and I run it in PyCharm IDE and I see result in output terminal:

this program get input from user and show ‘O’ or ‘X’ sign in the table . I set up atom by script package terminal plus package but when RUN the program I can not see the result and system is waiting and I don’t screen for input data same PyCharm .

note : I run simple print command and I see the result for example 2*2 but for this program that I want to enter number or character I can not see the output !

The script package doesn’t have the ability to process input. You’ll have to run it through the command line, which you can do with a terminal package such as termination or a general command-line execution package such as process-palette. I would not recommend using terminal-plus, since it hasn’t been updated in years.

I install all two package but, when I Run the program I face to waiting crosser and I can not see environment for input data ( photo 2 )

I run below simple code

test_text = input ("Enter a number: ")

but same photo 2 the crosser go to waiting state but in Pycharm IDE I can enter the input .
can I set any other package to install ?
I think by default atom should handle input and output

As I said, script is unable to handle input. You will have to run the code in a command line window, which you can spawn using a package like process-palette.

Atom is unable to run any code except for the JavaScript that’s a part of Atom and its packages. This is a decision by the developer team and is unlikely to change.