How can I save a session for a particular set of files and switch to other sessions?


I want to edit a particular set of files under my project folder, these files may be in different sub-folders under my project folder. I wonder if it is possible to save a list of these working files and save another list of different files so I can switch between those lists? Now I have to close all tabs and open manually the other set.
Thank you in advance.


What you’re trying to achieve could be possible through the project manager package. I use it all the time to manage the different websites I’m working on - both in private and at work.


Hi there, thank you very much for your response!

I have already installed project-manager package. However it seems to me that it only saves the “environment” of your project, like folders, settings, etc., but it doesn’t care about what files are included in one particular project.

I opened projects.cson under .atom and peeked in but found nothing related to a list of opened files.

I tried saving different opened tabs into different project but ended up with only one copy of the list.

Am I missing anything?

The package page only provides a flash but no more details, which might be good enough for pros but is not very helpful for beginners.


Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post. I’m coming from GVim, what I’m missing is a session saver basically.


Oh, okay. Thanks for clarifying. I’m afraid that I don’t know an elegant solution to your problem then as I’m using project manager just for the different “environments”.