How can i run custom app in Mac OS?


The cmd i used:
/Applications/ hello-atom/

But it doesn’t wrok. It open the Atom Editor directly. Am I right?


Sounds like your opening Atom the Editor not Atom-Shell.

If you open /Applications/ do you get Atom or the Atom-Shell default app? (A screen for you to drag your app)


Try this:

/Applications/ hello-atom/


@Arcath @AbeEstrada thank you for replay. I found that I was misleaded by the quick-start, The here is in the atom-shell release package.


I found I needed to run the build grunt command with an explicit build directory:

script/build --build-dir=dist

I also edited the resources/mac/app-Info.plist file and modified the CFBundleIdentifier field, but I think it was the former change that got it working.